Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals; with a single drop you will have achieved the healthy and glowing skin you could only ever dream of, until now. The Scientifically Advanced Cosmeceutical Range has a recommended 3 phase method and will guarantee the most favourable results.


Phase One products prepare your skin for the more advanced activity of Dr Gobac’s Cosmeceuticals line. The starter Cream is a 2-in-1 day and night cream activates all functions in your skin and kickstarts your skin’s natural repair and regeneration process. 


Once your skin has is accustomed to the active ingredients in the Dr Gobac Starter Cream, you’re set to move on to Phase Two, and then Phase Three.


  • DR GOBAC® YOUTH range is for youth ages from 10 – 18 years. 
  • DR GOBAC® TX range for troubled skin created for all ages


There are three simple steps on your way to healthy, radiant skin with Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals!


Dr Gobac Phase 1Phase 1


Cleanser or Face Wash – for your morning and night cleansing routine.

Starter Cream – apply every morning and evening after your cleansing routine.


DR Gobac Phase 2Phase 2

Cleanser or Face Wash – for your morning and evening cleansing routine

Regenerating Serum – 1 or 2 times daily

Day Balance – every morning

    Night Lift – every evening


Dr Gobac Phase 3Phase 3

Cleanser or Wash – for your morning and evening cleansing routine

Vitamin A Serum – 1 or 2 times daily

Biorestore – 1 or 2 times daily

 Day Balance – every morning

      Night Lift –  every evening

     Biorestore Needle-Free – 1 or 2 times daily


The following products are suitable for use in any of the three phases above:


Spot Tx – morning and night to heal breakouts

Exfoliating Masque – 1 or 2 times per week for the removal of dead skin cells

Lighten – to target pigmentation; morning and night on your clean skin 

Facial Sunscreen SPF25 – in the morning

Some interesting facts about the Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals range:

The key active ingredients in cosmeceutical products contain a high concentration and positively affects your skin. Penetrating the deep layers of your skin; active ingredients affect the cellular structure of your skin and boost the healthy production of collagen.


A medical prescription is not required to obtain these products, even though they are much stronger than cosmetic products.


 A skin analysis and consultation with a beauty therapist are recommended to address your skin concerns and conditions before you start using a Dr Gobac Cosmeceutical product. Cosmetic products work on the top layer of your skin’s epidermis, which means they won’t delay your skins ageing process because they work on a superficial level.


The first time you use a cosmeceutical product, you might start to experience visible changes like increased sensitivity, oiliness, dryness or flakiness as well as breakouts and congestion. 


The journey to beautiful glowing skin is not always smooth, but the symptoms you might experience are part of the natural interim phase. It shouldn’t last longer than 4 to 6 weeks as it is only a temporary phase as part of your skins journey to recovery to its natural and healthy form.