New Generation skin lightening for a brighter complexion Dr Gobac Lighten effectively targets unwanted pigmentation. The complex formulation of active ingredients and Botanical extracts contained in Lighten have a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and are known to reduce pigmentation. This gentle treatment is highly effective, safe for long term use and safe to use during pregnancy.

Dr Gobac Lighten Ingredients: 

  • Arbutin: A known skin-lightening agent, has strong anti-septic properties.
  • Lemon plant: Fragrant and is anti-bacterial

How To Use the product: 

Apply an even layer of Lighten over the affected area in the morning and at night onto cleansed and dried skin. Massage thoroughly until the cream is absorbed completely. Follow with Dr Gobac Regenerating Serum or Vitamin A Serum and Day Balance Cream in the morning or Dr Gobac Night Lift in the evening. Avoid sun exposure and use Dr Gobac Facial Sunscreen SPF25.

Dimensions 3,6 × 3 × 13,5 cm