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Dr Gobac Sunscreen SPF25 is a lightweight, non-toxic sun protection cream which has been scientifically formulated for safe use, even on babies’ delicate skins. It does not contain any of the toxic chemicals that have been known to cause irritation to the skin. Instead, it contains zinc clear, together with a number of potent ingredients to effectively destroy and eliminate free radicals in the skin. This product protects against UVA and UVB rays at a critical wavelength of 370 nm – a requirement set forth by the European Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (COLIPA)

Dr Gobac Sunscreen SPF25 Ingredients: 

  • Castor oil: Emollient (Soothes and softens the skin) and water binding
  • Lemon: Protects and conditions skin
  • Fumaria: Skin Conditioning, has a soothing effect on Psoriasis and Eczema and is effective in treating acne
  • Golden Seaweed: Has Moisture Binding effects which prevent water loss and helps to reduce inflammation
  • Ribwort Plant: Anti –Microbial and healing
  • Pichi Extract: Skin Conditioning and toning
  • Mullein: Protects and softens skin
  • Marcela extract: Provides Photo protection and controls free radicals produced by radiation
  • Cucumber: Is soothing and highly moisturising

How To Use the Dr Gobac Sunscreen SPF25 : 

Use daily after application of serums/treatments and Dr Gobac Day Balance Cream or Dr Gobac Starter Cream. Allow 20 minutes to absorb if applying make-up.

Dimensions 4,5 × 4 × 13,5 cm