Dr Gobac Spot TX is an antibacterial clearing treatment that regulates sebum production while reducing blemishes and calming inflammation. The Botanical ingredients in Spot TX have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Spot TX accelerates healing, targets and controls excess oil production and helps prevent scarring.

Dr Gobac Spot TX Ingredients : 

  • Dragon Blood plant extract: Contains natural antibiotics and has anti-bacterial properties to fight bacteria that cause skin infections.
  • Orange blossom: Is anti-bacterial and adds fragrance
  • Arbutin/Bearberry extract: A known skin-lightening agent with strong, anti-septic properties.

How To Use the Spot TX: 

Cleanse thoroughly. Apply the Spot TX treatment directly onto the problem area. Allow a few minutes for the product to absorb and then follow with the rest of your skincare routine. Use morning and night.

Dimensions 3 × 2,5 × 11 cm