Main ingredients:

3x UVA and 3x UVB sunscreens (SPF 50), Aging molecule inhibitor, Pycnogenol(R) (Super antioxidant), Ingredients that stop-loss of immunity, Anti-inflammatory ingredients, Ingredients that decrease damaging enzymes, Ingredients that recover the skin’s immunity and Photolyase enzymes that correct recent indirect and direct DNA damage.

How to use:

– Apply in the morning over your serum and moisturiser.
– Best applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.
– If you are in the sun, reapply every two to four hours.

Special precautions:

– The peach colour of the product is a result of the inclusion of the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol(R). The product is not tinted.
– When first applied, Helase 50 might feel a little “pasty”. Give it a few seconds to be absorbed and it will begin to feel like a primer.
– Avoid getting Helase 50 in your eyes. Only apply it up to the ocular ridge.