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Dr Gobac Biorestore Needle-Free is the modern treatment of choice for anti-ageing benefits such as Volumising, Lifting, Restructuring and transforming!

This Scientifically Advanced Transdermal Serum contains dermo-intelligent compounds and stem cell activators which increase the production of youth-enhancing collagen and elastin, visibly volumizing facial features within just 14 days. The perfect non-surgical solution by Dr Gobac!

Dr Gobac Biorestore Needle-Free Benefits : 

  • Elasticity improves by 11%
  • Skin Strength improves by 6%
  • Wrinkle Depth reduces by over 15%
  • Repairs Damaged Skin Structure
  • Restores Skin Smoothness
  • Restructures Mature Skin
  • Replenishes Volume of the skin matrix.
  • 100% non-irritant
  • 100% non-sensitizing
  • 100% risk-free
  • no granulation

Biorestore Needle-Free Ingredients : 

  • Toothache Plant: Protects the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles and visible expression lines
  • Moringa Seeds: Protects the skin against pollution and stimulates detoxification
  • Cucumber: Is soothing and highly moisturising

How To Use the Biorestore Needle-Free

Apply half a drop of Dr Gobac Biorestore Needle-Free to areas of concern eg around eyes, mouth, smile lines etc. This potent serum is the perfect non-surgical solution to more lifted and voluminous younger-looking skin. Apply morning & evening under Dr Gobac Balance Day Cream or Dr Gobac Night Lift. Use the original Dr Gobac Biorestore on all other areas of concern

Dimensions 3 × 2,5 × 11 cm