Skin benefits:

– Powerful antioxidant protection, Reduced signs of aging, Smoother skin, Healthy skin hydration, Brighter skin, enhanced glow and more Ascorbic acid than Recharge CE.

Main ingredients:

– 30% Ascorbic Acid
– Alpha-Tocopherol (vitamin E)

How to use:

– After cleansing and drying the skin, apply a small drop of the product onto fingertips.
– Massage lightly to spread the suspension and then allow it to be absorbed.
– Because of its high concentration of ascorbic acid, the product might feel a little grainy on the application. This dissipates as the ascorbic acid is released into your skin.
– Apply a day cream and broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day to protect your skin.
– When using the Correctives Vita C 30 at night make sure that your night cream does NOT contain retinoids.

Special precautions:

– Correctives Vita C 30 might tingle a little more than Corrective Recharge CE on application – the tingle, however, dissipates quickly.
– Do not use for 3–5 days after resurfacing treatments.
– Complete the use of at least one tube of Correctives Recharge CE to assess your skins tolerability to ascorbic acid before using Correctives Vita C 30.
– Do not use products containing ascorbic acid and retinoic acid in the same application. (Use ascorbic acid in the morning and retinoid in the evening).