Main ingredients:

Pelo Baum peptide complex, Oligopeptide and Decapeptide.

Let’s face it, you’re pretty tough on your lashes. Every day it’s chemical-rich make-up, and then you clean it at night – often in a rush. And that’s before the natural eyelash damage from inside your body even happens. Pelo Baum Lash Lash strengthens and protects the follicle for thicker, longer, fuller lashes.


Strengthens the follicle by activating its stem cell
Promotes lash and eyebrow hair growth phase
Increases blood circulation to promote hair nutrients

By combining a number of powerfully protecting peptides, Pelo Baum Lash Lash helps strengthen, protect and nurture eyelash hair, switching them back into a growth phase for thicker, longer, fuller lashes in a few weeks.

Using Pelo Baum Lash Lash:

– Apply Pelo Baum Lash Lash to the root of upper and under eyelashes.
– Do not touch until the serum is absorbed into the skin thoroughly.
– Leave it on overnight while you sleep.