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RégimA Target Cellulite Silhouette Contouring Complex offers a triple-action anti-cellulite approach to block the inevitable cycle: fat accumulation, water retention, degradation of the fibrous matrix. This high tech active dislodges fat, reduces infiltrations in swollen zones of oedema and restores adipose tissue homeostasis.

RégimA Target Cellulite Silhouette Contouring Complex Main Functions : 

It is the quality of a woman’s skin and age, rather than the quantity of fat in their thighs, that determines whether cellulite occurs. As women mature, skin becomes thinner and cellulite looks worse. It is critical therefore that the anti-ageing factor is brought into the treatment equation.

Synergistic action of advanced cellulite solutions, plus anti-ageing excellence, is the key. Engineering of natural actives, isolated from an enriched fraction of bitter orange tree, facilitates progressive elimination of oedema (fluid retention), stimulates microcirculation by vaso-dilatation and decongestion. The sacred lotus breaks down fat storage, limits the formation of new fat cells. The addition of a Natural biopolymer has a tensor, lifting, anti-wrinkle effect, smoothing and visibly elastisizing, improving contour, plus the look and feel of lack lustre skin.

How To Use the Target Cellulite Silhouette Contouring Complex : 

AM or PM: Cleanse the body of any cream and oil. If the body is warm following a bath or shower this aids penetration.

Massage briskly a layer of Complex to all areas prone to cellulite, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and inner knees. Then very gently ensure areas of lymph drainage (where toxins are eliminated) are covered, targeting mainly behind knees, groin, armpits, up to the neck. Leave the treatment on. One may apply RégimA Slimming Sculpting Solution to target areas over the top.

Weight 0,201 kg
Dimensions 5,1 × 5,1 × 14,9 cm