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RégimA Slimming Sculpting Solution Main Functions : 

RégimA Slimming Sculpting Solution offers lifting, firming, toning, slendering and sculpting. If the body is slenderising it is important that the restoration of the skin’s natural stretching response is achieved simultaneously. Advances Natural technology is the key to successful body sculpting, ingredient synergy. It is an all in one magical treatment.

With continued treatments one can experience a decrease in oedema (fluid retention), thigh and abdominal circumference, dermal tightening, helping regain elasticity and tone.

A synergy of powerful bio-actives has been shown to limit the development of fat masses, particularly in the abdomen and thighs, not forgetting those less than firm upper arms, helping facilitate the elimination of fat, stimulating lipolytic activity (breaking down of fat) of adipocytes (fat cells).

How To Use the Slimming Sculpting Solution : 

Cleanse the body of cream and oil, except SpaZone Target Cellulite, which may be used in combination.

Gently massage a thin layer of Cream Solution to target areas such as thighs, inner knees, abdomen, upper arms. A cooling sensation may be felt. These SpaZone products are leave-on treatments that work synergistically.

Weight 0,204 kg
Dimensions 5,1 × 5,1 × 14,9 cm