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RégimA Overnight Regenerative & Anti-Ageing Masque, regeneration whilst sleeping, awakening with the skin looking and feeling rejuvenated is the purpose of this powerful Anti-Ageing Masque.

RégimA Overnight Regenerative & Anti-Ageing Masque Main Functions : 

RégimA Overnight Regenerative and Firming Anti-Ageing Masque , promote restoration of skin’s natural flexibility and tightness by utilising the most cutting edge ingredients at optimal percentage efficacy. These ingredients, created by pioneers of natural actives around the globe, help restore skin’s ideal healthy cell functions. General sagging of the face, gravitational folds and expression lines are visibly attenuated as a synergy of the powerhouse of actives promote re-definition of more youthful contours and restoration of a more radiant complexion.

Weight 0,152 kg
Dimensions 5,1 × 5,1 × 12,1 cm