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RégimA Omega 6 & 9 Hand Cream Main Functions : 

RégimA Omega 6 & 9 Hand Cream, this hand treatment is rich in Coffea Arabica and a Powerful antioxidant formula for treatment and prevention of environmental damage to the hands. It is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9 and Vitamin E and Flaxseed oil. Absorbs quickly, providing the skin with essential moisture, revitalizing and helping reduce the visible, damaging, ageing effects of the sun. Helps achieve softening and smoothing of the skin with lasting action and without residual greasiness.

How To Use the Omega 6 & 9 Hand Cream

Daily use hand cream to soften, smooth and preserve skin elasticity. Provides essential nutrients, minerals, proteins, vitamins and Coffea Arabica from the Amazon rainforest.

AM and PM: Apply after every wash; and at bedtime. Use the RégimA SunPro over the top for sun protection factor.