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Derma Clinical Vitamin D Body Lotion is an invigorating lotion that uses a form of vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol, to aid the skin while it regulates and undergoes its critical health and beauty functions. The skin is a complicated organ responsible for many of the body’s health-sustaining mechanisms such as moisture regulation and vital nutrient synthesis.

With moisturizing anti-oxidant and skin-nourishing benefits, this exciting ingredient helps condition and improve the quality of the skin. Combined with the ultra-moisturizing benefits of Olive derived Squalene and water-loving Hyaluronic Acid, this super-hydrating formula is excellent for dry, damaged or vitamin D deprived skin, especially useful during the long dry winter months. It provides the necessary moisture to keep your skin fresh and helps compensate for any low levels of Vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure.

Derma Clinical Vitamin D Body Lotion Benefits

  • Delivers superior moisturization and skin nourishment.
  • Provides a topical boost of health stimulating Vitamin D3.
  • Delivers antioxidant benefits.
  • Help reduce skin wrinkling and dehydration line.

How does the Vitamin D Body Lotion Work?

Vitamin D is an integral vitamin most commonly associated with good bone health, disease prevention, and immune system reinforcement. Usually, it is synthesized in small amounts naturally by the skin when exposed to UV light from the sun.

1 review for Derma Clinical Vitamin D Body Lotion

  1. Elize Steyn

    This product delivered moisturization and skin nourishment for my skin. It also helped reduce wrinkling and fine line. I would highly recommend this product to my friends.

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